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Orwell, and Today’s Government

I had a dream last night. It was quite a terrifying dream because it both represents a fear that any intelligent free person has, and also represents a clear and present danger due to the direction that the United States Government is headed. My dream was that the Obama administration had put forth a bill that would create a Council for Social Awareness. This council’s aims was to essentially be the Un-American Activities Committee of the twenty-first century, and its purpose was to report on people who were ‘against’ the American government. This, as you will obviously know if you’ve ever read 1985, is very Orwellian.

The reason this scared me so much, is because it’s not far from reality. In fact, there are many facets about our Government that are already Orwellian (The Patriot Act, anyone?) and it scares me. The reason it scares me is because it requires a blatant disregard of the powers given to the government in the Constitution. These powers have been abused and taken farther than they should be allowed for almost one hundred and a fifty years. Now any of you who are history buffs will known that 150 years puts us at 1860. If this doesn’t ring a bell, shame on you. For a refresher course, this was about the time of the American Civil War, which lasted from 1861 to 1865. Anyone who knows history will know that before the civil war, the country was referred to as “The United States are…” referring to a set of separate but equal sovereign states led by a single unifying government (which is how it’s supposed to be as outlined in the Constitution). After the civil war, this phrase became, “The United States is…” referring to a single union of states with a consolidation of power at the center. And unfortunately, it’s all Lincoln’s fault.

Not counting the other reasons that the civil war was a travesty, the result was a more powerful single central government, and much weaker sovereign states that despite the name were no longer sovereign. This is a horrible occurrence, and had no reason to happen. The excuse that “The southern states made slavery legal so the federal government needed to step in,” is bullshit. You have to remember that slavery was the backbone of the southern economy. The civil war and freeing of the slaves in the south created an economic downfall that the south still hasn’t recovered from. And it’s been 145 years! Am I advocating slavery? Hell No. But I am putting it into perspective. This was not a moral issue for the south. The north wanted to take away the backbone of their economy without any alternative. From a purely economic standpoint, this would be like taking away the north’s factories without offering any alternative. The next time that someone tells you the civil war was about slaves, look them in the eye and politely tell them that if that is their opinion, then they know nothing about the civil war. The civil war was as much about slavery as World War 2 was about Jews. Sure, they factored into it, but they were far from the reason.

So from the civil war we acquired this central government with far too much power. In the constitution, the executive branch (president) has very little power. He has the power to wage war, and to veto. That’s about it. There are many powers that recent presidents have used that are not allowed within the constitution. And nobody has said a word. If someone can find me in the constitution where the Patriot Act is allowed, then I will roll around in honey, cover myself in peanuts and allow myself to become an elephant lollipop for the rest of my life. And if you think the patriot act is a good thing, I have a bridge in Brooklyn that I think you’d be interested in.

As time has gone on, our constitution has gotten chipped away at by these assholes, and we’ve done nothing about it. Technically, income tax is unconstitutional, but because of the elastic clause of “general welfare” outline in the article that allows taxing, the government says it’s okay. It’s not okay for a government to go against the constitution. If I went against the constitution, or the laws of this country, I would get thrown in jail. When the government goes against the laws of the constitution and the laws of our country, it’s called politics. And it makes me sick.

Now I cannot say that I lean towards one political side or another. I have many things in common in liberals, anarchists, conservatives, and libertarians. Most of my beliefs fall in the latter category, but I don’t consider myself to be part of any party. But one thing I truly agree with, and fight for is a small government. A government that controls everything, that ‘gives’ us everything we need is just a government with too much power. And mark my words, if we don’t do something about this situation, and soon, we’re going to find ourselves living in George Orwell’s nightmare. And it will lead to another civil war more bloody than any we’ve ever seen.

You have been warned.