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Insanity reformed

There is a large amount of time (not too large) between this post and the last. I apologize for that, but I’ve been trying to figure out how to order this beast without being so chaotic. A little bit of chaos is always great, but I think I would do well to have a selected mission briefing for myself on what I’m going to write about with this blog, and since I enjoy so many topics I don’t think just writing about what I’m thinking about at the time will work very well, so without further ado, I present to you the schedule of Scribatious Insanity.

Monday: Nothing. If I do write anything, it will be about something pressing.

Tuesday: What pisses me off. Every Tuesday will be a rant about something I hate, dislike or something that just generally pisses me off. Fun times.

Wednesday: Same as monday.

Thursday: What I love. The opposite of Tuesday, Thursday will be something I truly love, like or something that just makes me happy. More fun times.

Friday: Video game Friday. I love video games, and Fridays will be the day that I review a game that is either near and dear to my heart, or a game that I think should never have been made. Or maybe something in between.

Saturday or Sunday: Writing critiques, education, etiquette. On either Saturday or Sunday (Or both if I’m feeling particularly creative) I will be talking writing in one form or another that has to do with my own form of writing. I will be talking about either story writing, video game writing, or screenwriting. How to do it, or what I’m doing it with, etc.

I hope you will enjoy this schedule, and you can expect the first post in this new schedule tomorrow when I talk about the differences between screenwriting for films, and screenwriting for television.