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Spring is the Season of Frolic and Frisky

May I introduced you to the season of spring. SPRING! The season when winter thaws and nature stretches out its arms and screams “I FEEL FRISKY!” Yes, I’m talking about mating season. And we feel it too.

Now humans don’t have a mating season, but you can’t deny that Season makes you feel frisky, that it ignited something in you that scream, “I want to be with someone!” But humans thankfully don’t work on a method of beating each other up over the right to be frisky with somebody. At least the sane ones amongst us don’t. We attract our mates through charm, discussion and occasionally outright animalistic sexiness.

So I encourage everyone to be with the one they care about this season and be frisky. And if you don’t have someone to be frisky with, find someone. Anybody want to be frisky with me? Come on, it’s spring! 😀